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Retail & Bakery

At our retail center we stock popular products and brands that our clients and patients love. We have you covered for the following:
Retail, Bakery & Self wash

  • Fashionable Apparel: dresses, jackets, leashes/collars, harnesses, booties, bandanas

  • Travel Gear: car harnesses, life jackets, carriers, to-go bowls

  • Wellness Grain Free Diets: canine and feline options

  • Royal Canine Veterinary Care Management Diets: all life stages available

  • Supplies: toys, bowls, beds, scratching posts, de-shedding brushes, nail trimmers, shampoo, perfume, tear stain remover, house soiling cleaning products and much, much more!

Retail, Bakery & Self wash

Retail, Bakery & Self washPET BAKERY

  • Decorative, fun treats and cookies for all dogs large and small

  • Hypo-allergenic and grain free treats

  • Special Orders for birthday parties, picnics, holidays or any event (please give at least 2 days notice)