We value the special bond you have with your pet, and we do our best to make caring for her easy so you can focus on spending quality time together. We recommend you try our new app, which will save you time and add convenience. Here are some examples of how using our app can save time while you continue to take excellent care of your pet. 

1: Appointments and prescription refills

With a busy schedule, remembering or finding time to schedule appointments or request prescriptions can be a challenge, but with our app, you can do both in a matter of seconds. To request your pet’s medication, simply send us a picture or description of the prescription and tell us when you’d like to pick up the refill. To schedule an appointment, simply request online the date, time, and veterinarian you prefer, and provide the reason for the appointment. 

2: Food orders, for pick-up or home delivery

Use our app to ensure you always have your pet’s quality food on hand. You will no longer need to take time to stop by the local store; instead you can conveniently order your pet’s food and pick it up from our hospital, or have it delivered directly to your house. You can order food while you are watching television and complete the order during a commercial break. Pick-ups are simpleopen the app, send us a picture of the food label or the brand name, and tell us the date and time you prefer for pick-up. For home delivery, open our app, access our online store, and place your order.   

3: Appointment and vaccine reminders

Many of us make appointments, only to forget about them. Or, time passes by quickly, and before you know it, your pet’s vaccines are due. With our app, we can help you keep track of your pet’s appointments and the vaccines she needs with convenient reminders. Our app also allows you to confirm upcoming appointments.

4: Updates during your pet’s hospital stay

We know how nerve-wracking it can be when your beloved pet needs to be hospitalized for any procedure, so we like to provide updates on your furry friend’s status to provide peace of mind. Through our app, we will send push notifications with updates on your pet during her procedure and recovery. You can keep track of your pet with a quick peek at your phone rather than take the time to make a phone call or stay at the hospital. 

5: Contact information at your fingertips

If your pet has a medical emergency, finding the information you need can be difficult when you are panicked. Our app makes locating our comprehensive contact information quick and easy, saving you time and reducing stress.  

6: Our client loyalty program

We love our clients, and we want to reward them and show them how much we appreciate their loyalty. For every $100 you spend at Loving Family Animal Hospital, we’ll give you a stamp. Once you’ve collected 16 stamps, you’ll earn a $100 credit, which will be applied to your account. Again, our app makes it easy—the app keeps track of your stamps so you will always know how close you are to earning your $100 credit.

Bonus: This month, we’re giving a free stamp to clients who use the app to request a prescription refill for the first time. Download our app and start saving time, simplifying your pet’s care, and earning credit.