As ferrets age, we see symptoms of more chronic illnesses such as periodic lethargy or weakness, hair loss, difficulty urinating, swollen or enlarged vulva, decreased appetite and weight loss. Since most of our ferrets are bred from one location, we see some genetic illnesses with consistency. About 80% of our adult ferrets have a long-standing disease such as insulinoma (benign or malignant tumor of the pancreas) and adrenal disease (benign or malignant tumor of the adrenal glands). It is important to schedule regular veterinary visits (we recommend an exam every 6 months, but at least annually) so we can pick up on any subtle signs or symptoms of these diseases. There are early treatment options that can keep your ferret happy and symptom free. If you would like to discuss these common diseases and symptoms, please schedule an appointment with one our knowledgeable veterinarians.