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  • About AAHA

    AAHA exists to accredit organizations with one standard in mind: excellence in every single thing you do. In order to become accredited, a veterinary practice must undergo routine inspections of approximately 900 different metrics of healthcare – from sanitation habits, to staff training, to surgery protocols, and more. Fewer than 15% of veterinary practices earn AAHA accreditation.

  • The Award

    AAHA chooses a single veterinary practice every year as its Practice of The Year. The practice is chosen as the practice that best represents the standard that veterinary hospitals should aspire to. It is the highest honor that a veterinary practice can achieve. We are so incredibly proud to have been chosen 2017’s practice of the year!

  • What it means for you

    When you bring your pet, you walk in knowing that your pet will be receiving care from the hospital that is at the pinnacle of excellence. AAHA hospitals are already known for being the best – you are quite literally getting the best of the best! We take this responsibility seriously, because the love you share with your pet truly means the world to us.

We choose AAHA because…

  • Dr. Weldon

    I want the best medicine for my patients!!

  • Stacey

    I took a vow to be a voice for animals and knowing that I work for an AAHA hospital means that voice is backed by the highest quality care that can be provided to our precious pets.

  • Carra

    I choose AAHA because I believe that only high standard, excellent care should be given to our pets.

  • Brittany

    I choose AAHA because my fur babies deserve to be treated like family and I know they will be

  • Samantha

    I choose AHAA because I feel that our pets are truly indispensable members of our families, and so, deserve the same standard of care I search for myself.

  • Sue

    I want my dogs to go to a practice where the doctors have pride in their hospital and want to go that extra step to keep their standards high and that translates to excellent care for my pups. Being an employee of an AAHA hospital makes me feel proud and gives me a sense of accomplishment that we go above and beyond to care for all animals and clients that come to our clinic.

  • Alisa

    My pets are family and deserve to be treated the best.

  • Jessica

    I know my grooming clients will have the best possible care if needed.

  • Dr. Daub

    Every pet deserves the best care available.

  • Tylar

    Every animal should have the opportunity to get the care they deserve.

  • Nick

    I choose AAHA because….I want the highest standards of care for my animals and I want to provide that same care to others.

  • Brittani

    I choose AAHA because…just like humans, animals deserve the highest quality medicine there is to offer.

  • Dr. Bellinger

    I want to practice the best quality medicine, not only for dogs and cats, but for exotics alike.

  • Dani

    I choose AAHA because… I understand the worry of leaving our four-legged friends at the vet and I want to help ease those worries by helping provide the best care possible for each family. Animals deserve to feel comfortable and loved, especially when they are brought in for not feeling well.

  • Chris

    Choosing AAHA means getting the best care available for our best friends, and they deserve it.

  • Jamie Judd

    Working for an AAHA company is important to me because they have high standards of care, not only for staff, but all pets. I believe that higher expectations leads to better care, and a more harmonious relationship between pets, doctors and their owners.

  • Nicole Molnar

    I choose AHAA because I believe in providing the best care for your pet and having a staff that is passionate about helping animal’s and their owner’s.

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