Microchip: Your Lost Pet’s Ticket Home

The repeatedly ringing doorbell, scary costumes, and endless lines of treat-seeking kids may sound like Halloween fun to you, but this holiday can be downright terrifying for your pet. When animals are frightened, their fight-or-flight response takes over, prompting them to hide under the bed or flee through an open door. As many as one [...]

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Keeping Senior Pets Healthy

Through the years, pets give us their best: their love, devotion, and obedience. When they reach their golden years, it becomes time for us to give them our best. Senior pets need a little extra attention, particularly when it comes to health care. By teaming up with your veterinarian, you can make your pet’s final [...]

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Exotic Pets Need Regular Veterinary Care, Too

Approximately 10 percent of American households own an exotic pet, such as a rodent, rabbit, guinea pig, ferret, bird, reptile, or amphibian. And, like dogs and cats, exotic pets can be beloved companions to their owners. They also require regular veterinary care. Similar to a new puppy exam, your exotic pet’s first veterinary visit should [...]

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