Preventing Heartworm Disease in Pets

Pet owners often don’t understand heartworm disease, its treatment, or how to prevent it, but they don’t always know the questions to ask. The following questions and answers about heartworm disease will help you keep your pet safe from this potentially deadly disease. Why don’t people need heartworm preventives? People can get heartworm disease if [...]

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Beyond Medication: Pain Management Techniques for Pets

Has your canine companion slowed down? Does your feline friend wince when you approach? Pain is an unfortunate reality of many age-related conditions, but that doesn’t mean your pet has to live in discomfort. Many pain medications provide only temporary relief. By adding alternative pain management techniques to our arsenal, our veterinary team can do [...]

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Does My Pet Need Anesthesia for a Dental Cleaning?

A veterinary dental cleaning is similar to the experience you have when you visit the dentist. Your pet’s teeth will be thoroughly examined, X-rayed, cleaned, and polished. One of the biggest differences, however, is the need for anesthesia during your pet’s dental procedure. Although you may have heard of anesthesia-free dental cleanings, there is no [...]

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Does This Collar Make Me Look Fat? How to Help Your Pet Maintain a Healthy Weight

Through a 14-year “Life Span” study performed by Purina, it was discovered that maintaining Labradors at their ideal weights increased their life spans by an average of 15 percent—nearly two years. Simply by feeding these dogs 25 percent fewer calories than their littermates, they enjoyed two more years of happy, healthy memories with their families. [...]

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Keeping Senior Pets Healthy

Through the years, pets give us their best: their love, devotion, and obedience. When they reach their golden years, it becomes time for us to give them our best. Senior pets need a little extra attention, particularly when it comes to health care. By teaming up with your veterinarian, you can make your pet’s final [...]

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Exotic Pets Need Regular Veterinary Care, Too

Approximately 10 percent of American households own an exotic pet, such as a rodent, rabbit, guinea pig, ferret, bird, reptile, or amphibian. And, like dogs and cats, exotic pets can be beloved companions to their owners. They also require regular veterinary care. Similar to a new puppy exam, your exotic pet’s first veterinary visit should [...]

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