Holiday Hazards: Risky Foods and Flowers for Pets

Scene 1: A festive dining room table. A blooming Christmas lily centerpiece flanked by delicious holiday food—platters laden with ham and turkey, a steaming gravy boat. Tempting chocolate bonbons and home-made pies tempt on the buffet. A young couple walks into the room and smooches under a mistletoe sprig, their dog and cat following closely. [...]

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Common medical problems seen in adult and senior ferrets

As ferrets age, we see symptoms of more chronic illnesses such as periodic lethargy or weakness, hair loss, difficulty urinating, swollen or enlarged vulva, decreased appetite and weight loss. Since most of our ferrets are bred from one location, we see some genetic illnesses with consistency. About 80% of our adult ferrets have a long-standing [...]

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Howl-o-Ween Haunts: How to Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween

Hi, Felix Floofy McFloofster here. Well, that’s what my owner calls me. Personally, I prefer to be called simply Felix, because being a macho Maine Coon is hard enough, without having a nickname like Floofy McFloofster. Where was I? Oh that's right—I was about to tell you my Halloween horror story. Don’t worry though—it has [...]

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Common medical problems and diseases seen in young ferrets

When ferrets are young, we see more behavioral issues (such as biting) and gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting and diarrhea. Since ferrets are very inquisitive, they tend to get into things and chew/eat things they shouldn’t. This means foreign body gastrointestinal obstruction is relatively common. This could, unfortunately, require surgery. Gastritis, bloat, gastric ulcers and [...]

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Alternative Pain Management Therapies for Pets

As people are prone to body aches and joint pains, pets often experience soreness and stiffness as they grow old, and begin to suffer from degenerative joint conditions. Osteoarthritis is especially common. However, such a wide variety of pain management options are available for your aching pet that you’re sure to find a method that [...]

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Every Pet Deserves a Vet: Exotic Pet Care at Loving Family Animal Hospital

Every pet, no matter how unusual, deserves high quality veterinary care. We follow that philosophy at Loving Family Animal Hospital, and are proud to offer gold-standard veterinary services to not only cats and dogs, but also more unique pets. Several of our veterinarians have a special interest in exotic pet care, which has allowed us [...]

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A is for Awesome: A Look at AAHA-Accredited Veterinary Hospitals

Have you ever said, “Aaha,” when you’ve discovered something of value that you’ve long been searching for? We believe this exclamation describes Loving Family Animal Hospital, but in our case, “aaha” refers to the quality of medicine we practice, and AAHA refers to the American Animal Hospital Association. We have proudly been AAHA-accredited since 2012. [...]

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