Exotic Tip of the Month: Avian Foraging and Enrichment

In the wild, parrots and many birds spend their days with a variety of activities including social interactions, grooming, foraging and sleeping. Since our feathered friends are caged, or at least housed in some type of enclosure other than being free (i.e.- our houses), the foraging for food that would normally take them hours throughout [...]

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Exotic Tip of the Month: Small Mammal Respiratory Illness

One of the most common presenting complaints in our small exotic species are respiratory related such as a runny nose, sneezing, eye discharge or wheezing. Bedding can play a big part on their respiratory health. Certain bedding materials should be avoided altogether to decrease risk of respiratory illness. Schedule an exam today to discuss proper [...]

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New Year, New Pet Health Plan: Make 2020 Your Pet’s Healthiest Year Yet

There’s nothing quite like a happy, healthy pet greeting you at the door every day. Ensure your furry friend is always there with a cheerful smile and a warm greeting by staying up-to-date on her preventive care, and following a wellness program that will give your beloved companion the best chance at a long and [...]

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Pet Holiday Pitfalls: What You Need to know for a Happy Holiday Season

As the year winds down, we celebrate with an abundance of festive foods, decorations, and gatherings. Yet, nothing spoils holiday celebrations more than a late-night trip to an emergency veterinary hospital for your furry friend. With the extra commotion and chaos, little things may be missed in your holiday planning that can lead to illness [...]

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Although most pet owners couldn’t put a price on their beloved dog, it’s important to face the fact that owning a dog is expensive – often more expensive than we expect. Routine vet costs alone will easily cost you hundreds of dollars per year. When you consider the fact that most pet owners will experience at [...]

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