Avian Enrichment

In the wild, parrots and many birds spend a lot of time interacting socially and foraging. When we bring them into our homes, it is important to provide our feathered friends items to help keep them busy and entertained to help discourage, or rather, not allow time for negative behavior such as feather picking or [...]

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Exotic Tip of the month: Your ferret’s first visit by Dr. Liz Bellinger

Ferrets can make excellent, fun, and entertaining pets. Just like dogs and cats, ferrets need regular veterinary care. When you first bring home your new ferret, we recommend scheduling an appointment to go over housing and diet recommendations, vaccinations, common medical and behavioral problems seen in ferrets, and wellness diagnostics such as fecal parasite exams. [...]

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8 Tips to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Nobody anticipated a new year and new decade starting out so badly—with the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis has thrown daily life into turmoil, for you and your pet, and sticking to a normal routine can be tough. But, a regular schedule not only keeps your mind off your troubles, but also reduces stress and anxiety [...]

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What Your Need to Know About COVID-19 to Keep Your Pet Safe

With parts of the world shutting down to minimize the spread of COVID-19, the Loving Family Animal Hospital team is also doing their part to keep pets, their owners, and our community safe and healthy. As the situation rapidly changes, we are staying up-to-date on the latest research and information available, and doing everything we [...]

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Exotic Tip of the Month: Avian Foraging and Enrichment

In the wild, parrots and many birds spend their days with a variety of activities including social interactions, grooming, foraging and sleeping. Since our feathered friends are caged, or at least housed in some type of enclosure other than being free (i.e.- our houses), the foraging for food that would normally take them hours throughout [...]

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