Pet wellness

At Loving Family Animal Hospital, we prioritize the significance of regular wellness exams, ensuring that your feline friend receives the care they deserve. These routine visits go beyond formality, playing a vital role in maintaining the overall well-being of your beloved pet, all in a feline-friendly environment.
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Veterinary Services

Pet Wellness in Aurora, CO

Our dedicated team of veterinarians conducts thorough wellness exams to evaluate the overall health of your pet. These exams serve as a baseline for understanding your pet’s unique body and tendencies. By staying up to date with your pet’s health, we can detect potential problems before they become serious issues.

Regular wellness exams also familiarize your pet with our veterinary hospital, making future visits more comfortable for them and you. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we care for your pet, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Puppy & Kitten Care

Our wellness exams for puppies and kittens are vital in understanding their health needs. These checkups not only keep us informed about your pet’s well-being but also help in early detection of potential health issues. This proactive approach ensures a long and healthy life for your furry friend.

Pet Nutritional Counseling

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of pet wellness. Our nutritional counseling services are designed to address your pet’s dietary needs at different stages of their life. Whether you have questions about your pet’s diet or need a customized nutrition plan, our team is here to help.

Obesity is a common concern among pets, and we provide guidance on maintaining a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise.

Pet Microchipping

Loving Family Animal Hospital offers a simple yet effective solution for the safety and retrieval of your pet – microchipping. This standard procedure involves implanting a tiny chip under your pet’s fur. The chip holds vital information, allowing any veterinarian or animal shelter to scan and return your pet directly to you.

Don’t let the heartache of a lost pet be a reality. Microchips bring pets home safely.

Senior Pet Care
Just like humans, senior pets require specialized care to ensure they live a happy and healthy life. Our team is experienced in addressing the unique health needs of senior pets, including arthritis, dental disease, and organ dysfunction.

Senior pets require special care as they have a higher risk for many medical conditions compared to adults. This includes painful arthritis, organ dysfunction such as kidney, thyroid and liver disease and cancer. Unfortunately these conditions are often less obvious than many clients assume and can require a through exam and/or lab work to diagnose.

Our veterinarian, Dr. Amber Daub also has a certification in AAHA Palliative and Hospice Care which covers topics such as animal hospice, palliative care, and the euthanasia experience. The course is designed to benefit the entire practice team and beyond, including veterinarians, practice managers, veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, front-office staff, and kennel staff.

Pet Vaccinations
Vaccinations are a fundamental aspect of caring for your pet’s health. At Loving Family Animal Hospital, we believe in the importance of protecting your pet against potential diseases. Consult with us to understand the the unique preventable disease states seen in Colorado as well as the risks associate with your pet’s individual lifestyle. For example, pets that frequent the dog park, groomer, daycare or boarding require additional vaccines that other pets may not need. We strive to have meaningful conversations around vaccines and come up with a treatment plan that is unique to you and your pets needs.

Your pet’s well-being is our top priority, and vaccinations are an integral part of their overall health.

Ensuring the wellness of your pet involves a holistic approach that includes regular exams, proper nutrition, identification through microchipping, specialized care for seniors, and essential vaccinations. At Loving Family Animal Hospital in Aurora, CO, we are committed to providing the highest level of care for your furry family member. Contact us today to schedule a wellness exam and take a proactive step towards your pet’s long and healthy life.

Pet Wellness Exams
Not only do these exams keep us up to date with your pet’s health, they also allow us to detect potential problems before they become serious ones. Your pet will be thoroughly examined by a veterinarian and this checkup gives us vital information to help keep your pet healthy.

Regular wellness exams also make your pet more familiar with our veterinary hospital, and makes future visits easier on them and you.