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Pet Urgent Care in Aurora, CO

If your pet is in need of urgent care, please call us immediately at 303-680-5050.

Our highly skilled team is great at making your ill pet feel better. Common cases we manage include vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, limping, ear infections, lacerations and ‘lump’ checks. If you believe your pet is in need of urgent care, care within 24 hours, please call us at 303-680-5050.

If your pet experiences of loss of consciousness, has difficulty breathing, is repeatedly retching with no vomitus production or is unable to urinate please seek care at an emergency hospital. The facility closest to us that we recommend is Animal Emergency and Specialty center. 

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center | Open 24 Hours in Parker CO (
17701 Cottonwood Dr
Parker, CO 80134

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